Dives for certified diver


For certified diver, we offer single dives, double dives, triple dives and nightdives.


Normally we are always going out at 8:30 am for the double dive. These are 2 dives with a surface interval of at least 1 hour and we are coming back at around 1:30 pm.


If you want to make just a single dive, it´s possible to join us on one of these 2 dives.


If you want to make a third dive, it´s possible from Monday till Friday, if we have no courses and if we have at least 2 diver for the third dive.


Mondays till Fridays we also offer nightdives, if we have at least 2 diver and if the conditions are good. For nightdives, it´s just allowed to go to the "pyramid" but over there we can have strong current if we have high waves.


For more informations, check our scedule.