Our dive boat


Natty, our dive boat, was designed, to offer you the best comfort on our trip to the divesites.

It was built by a colombian shipyard in the year 2000.


It is 25 feet long and can transport up to 12 divers easily. In the middle of the boat, it has 15 tank holders for the equipments and under the benches we have space for the rest of the equipment.


The boat has a 140 horsepower outboard engine which brings us fast to the divesites.


The security equipment includes oxygen, first aid box, spare equipment, tools for small repairs, UHF-radio and GPS.


Sometimes, small details are making the difference. And our Natty is no exception. She has a very long solar hood, that everybody will find a place in the shadow and nobody has to sit in the caribbean sun.


We have also always enough drinking water for free on the boat.

After the dive, our captain will take your weightbelt, your equipment and your fins, so you can climb easily back into the boat by a long ladder.


Lean back, relax and watch the flying fishes, when they are flying besite the boat. One of the happiest moments will be, if we can snorkel with dolphins. Sometimes the trip to the divesite can be the "highlight".