Dear Friends,


 We would like to take the opportunity to introduce our dive centre and associated services.


Our intention is to provide dive tours and instruction to insure the greatest enjoyment of your time in San Andres. We are fully experienced in all the best dive sites and offer reliable rental equipment and a flexible daily schedule of our trips so you can relax and enjoy the underwater experience of San Andres.


Usually we meet at the dive centre at 8:00 am and gather our equipment. Our dive boat waits with tanks onboard and after a short dive briefing we set off for the reef at 8:30 am arriving at around 9:00 am to begin the dive.


The surface interval of minimum one hour is spent in the divecenter or on the boat, while our staff prepares your equipment for the second dive. This is a great opportunity to share stories and get to know each other. Softdrinks and a little Snack are inclusive.


The second dive, after an appropriate surface time of one hour minimum, will be shallower with respected of the recommended profile of each person’s computer. It will start at around 11:30 pm.


At around 1:30 pm we will be back at the dive centre and our staff will rinse the dive equipment.


Non-diving partners can join you for free if there is some space on the boat.



Important Tips


No stress - we are not in rush and we will take all the time you need.


Safety first – Dive computers are recommanded for each guest. We have enough computers, so every diver will have an own one. If you need complete equipment, the divecomputer is inclusive. For divers with own equipment but without a computer you can rent one for a small fee.


Divecomfort – We always dive with divesuits. Shortys, 3-mil – or 5-mil longsuits are availlible in almost all sizes.

If we have current we always make driftdives, so the boat picks us up at the end of the dive. There is no need to swim against the current.


Long surfaceintervals – our guest deside about the time of the break.


No timelimits – Our daily dives have no timelimits. Just your air consumption and the RNT will limit your dives. Generally all dives will be guided by one of our divestaff. For experienced divers it´s allowed to dive independent in buddyteams if they want.


Nightdives are limited to max 45 minutes.


When considering how best to explore the reefs of San Andres, consider our service with its emphasis on safety, comfort and social interaction,

You will not be disappointed!!!


Above all, relax, enjoy your stay on our beautiful island and we hope to see you soon.

Thank you for your time reading this brief guide to Karibik Divers of San Andres.


You can find more informations about us on: tripadvisor