Diving equipment


In our diving centre we have enough equipment in all sizes available.


Our main supplier is the german equipment manufacturer Polaris, but we also have equipment from Scubapro, Sherwood, Mares, Oceanic, SUUNTO and others.




We have just weightintegrated BCD´s of the brand Polaris and Oceanic in the sizes XS to XL for rent.




We have different regulators of the brand Scubapro and Sherwood. Beside the first and second stage, they all have an alternate air source, inflatorhose and a bar-SPG.

Especial for courses, we also have regulators with consoles. They include also a depthmeter and a compass beside the pressure gauge.




The most of our wetsuits are from Polaris, but we also have wetsuits from other brands.


For women we have the sizes XS to XL and for men the sizes XS to XXL and also long sizes. 

We have Shorty´s, 3 - and 5 - mil wetsuits in all sizes.




For different faces we have different masks from different suppliers.

Of course, all the masks have tempered glasses and all of them are well prepared for perfect visibility.


You can also get a snorkel, if you want. All of them have exhaust valves.




We have just open fins from different manufactorer for rent.

For the boots sizes 6 to 16 we will find some fins.




For our open fins we also need boots. Also here, the most of them are from Polaris.

From size 6 to 16 we have every size.


Dive computers


We have different computers of the brand SUUNTO for rent.