FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


On our homepage you will find everything you want to know, but some questions will still be asked.


1. Where are you going diving on this or this day?


We always decide about the dive site in the morning of the respective day, whereby customer wishes are gladly taken into account.


The weather mainly affects this decision, because we can not reach all dives sites, depending on the wind and wave. And because we don´t know about the weather in the future, we can not answer this question.


Also the amount of divers, as well as their experience and when they were diving the last time it playing here within.



2. Do we have to make a reservation or can we just pass by?


A reservation is not a "must", of course you can also just pass by. We are however only a small dive center with only one boat for max. 10 guests and accordingly also sometimes full and we have to send diver away.  Who signs up first (by email or personally in the shop), dives first. So if you get a response from us with a firm commitment, you can certainlygo diving. So the sooner you log on, the better. In particular for courses, we have only very few places, and a timely reservation is advisable.


Also we get sometimes on Saturday evening mails, someone would like to dive on Sunday. We are not present 24/7, only during our business hours (see right). On Sundays and holidays we have basically closed, unless we have at least 4 diver. How should we organize something on Saturday evening?


So always register in time, please.




3. How is the weather in this period?


Because we can not look into the future, this question can not be answered. In principle, we can say that we have dry season from December to May and rainy season from June to November.

This means that it is rarely raining in the dry season, but it can still be raining, but usually only short shivers and after some time, the sun is back.

During the rainy season it rains almost daily, but not the whole day, often only 1-2 times a day for a few minutes, gladly early in the morning and at night and that´s it. But there are also some days, when it rains almost continuously. Then we also have to cancel the dives sometimes, because it´s forbidden by the coast guard to go out by boat.

Because of the wind and wave, dives can be cancelled sometimes, if the coast guard dicides, it is too dangerous to go out.


Dives are cancelled on maybe 20 days per year.



4. Do you offer pickups?


We don´t offer a pickup service anymore.

But if you want, we can organize you a taxi on your costs.



5. Are you going out every day?


In general, we are always diving from Monday to Saturday. Sundays and holidays, our dive center is closed, except we have at least 4 diver.

On christmas day (25.12.) and new year (01.01.) our dive center is generally closed.

Of course, it is possible, that we have to cancel sometimes dives because of the weather, sickness of the staff or tecnical problems with the boat.