Beside a main block, the "Pyramide", we have a big coral field with lots of small coral blocks.


Especially for beginners and Underwater-Photographer this is a very nice divesite, because it´is very shallow with lots of fishes.


During the daytime, we can almost always meet Stingrays, Chubs and Bluestriped Grunts but also a lot of "small" animails like Shrimps, Arrow Crabs, Flamingo Tongues and more.


The "Pyramide" is the only divesite, where it is allowed to go for nightdives.


During the night, the look changes completely. Now the most nightactive fishes are gone, but we will find a lot of Lobsters and Crabs and sometimes Octopus. 

You will also see Morays and a lot of day active fishes like Burr-, Parrot-, and Doctor fishes come here at night.