We don´t offer any snorkel trips, just scuba diving.


This is because we almost always have a minimum depth of 10-12 meters at our dive sites and this is too deep for snorkeling. Furthermore, as on the surface usually stronger currents like under water as well as plenty of boat traffic, which makes the snorkeling at the dive sites also dangerous.


If you want to snorkel, we recommend to go snorkeling from the coast in the south of the west coast. The best part is the area between West View and Piscinita. Both, at West View and at Piscinita, there are small restaurants with a water slide and springboard also a snorkel rental as well as the possibility to lock your things. If you have your own vehicle (rental car etc.), as well as own snorkel equipment, can also snorkel in between (at El Faro). 


Also at Rocky Cay you can snorkel at a wreck.


There is also the possibility to swim to a wreck at the west coast. At Cove Bay, there are also boats that offer snorkel trips to the wreck.


In San Andres City they also offer snorkel trips to the Pyramid.