For our guests, we offer tanks in different sizes.




We only use aluminum tanks, because steel tanks would corrode too fast due to the humidity in the Caribbean.


Basically, we are using 80 cubic feet tanks (12 liters), but for divers with only low air consumption, we can also offer 60 cubic feet tanks (9 liters). They have the advantage that they are lighter and you also need around 2 kilos / 4 pounds less weights.

Especially for women and children, this is not irrelevant.



For divers with high air consumption we can´t offer bigger tanks, because 100 cubic feet tanks do not fit into the holders on our dive boat.

But for those divers, we can offer 40 cubic feet stage tanks for an extra charge. If you are using one stage in equal parts for both dives in addition to the 80 cubic feet tanks, you have 100 cubic feet or 15 liters available. One stage per dive will give you 120 cubic feet or 18 liters.


In addition, we sometimes use the 40 cubic feet tanks for small children.


Of course, all our tanks have actual hydrostatic tests and be cleaned and visually inspected annually.