Trampa Tortuga


In the north of a sandy area, where we very often see Stingrays, is a coral garden which is going down slowly from 10 m / 33 ft. to a depth of 15 m / 50 ft., and then it drops down to 20 - 30 m / 65 - 100 ft., in the northeast down to 60 m / 200 ft.

In the front of the mainreef we have a beautiful coral block which comes up from 60 m / 200 ft. to 22 m / 70 ft. Here we very often meet "big fishes".


A divesite for beginners to experienced divers.


Beside Stingrays, Lobsters and Green Morays which we can see very often it´s a place where we've often had big surprises. Like Dolphins, Mantas, Turtles and Nurse-, Reef- and Hammerhead Sharks have all made surprise visits here.