Why dive with us?


Surely, you are asking, "why should we dive with Karibik Diver"?


A lot of people make the mistake, of comparing just our prices! But why not compare the service, you get?


But first some general information about diving in San Andrés.


There are a lot of dive providers on San Andrés, but just a few diving centres have diveboats. Very often the guides or instructors are taking their dive guests to the west coast of the island for a shore dive. There the divers have to climb over rocks to get into the water, with all of the dive equipment on and then of course you have to back over the rock to get back on land.

At the west coast we have just 3 shallow divesites with a maximum depth of 5 to 10 m / 15 to 30 ft. and the underwaterworld is not the best.

Additionally, the other shops have just basic equipment, no boots and open fins, just full foot scoop fins, so you have to climb in and out of the water barefoot. So it´s slippery and you can get cuts on your feets.


But here on San Andrés, we also have diving centres with diveboats.

How does it look over there?


All of them have a maximum divetime of 45 minutes with a surface interval of 15 minutes between the dives. This is enough time, to change the tanks and the divesite.

Also nobody needs wetsuits. 45-minute-dives are possible without them. No diving centres are having wetsuits for rent.

Because every diver has to follow the diveguide, the divers don´t need diving computers. The guide knows what he is doing, even if he also don´t have a computer.


How things work here at Karibik Diver?


We just make boat dives and we start our trips directly in front of our diving centre. With our diveboat, we are going alternately to all 30 divesites around the island.

Beside baby-shampoo for the masks, oxygen- and first-aid-kit for emergencys, enough drinking water in bottles inclusive we also have spare equipment and tools on the boat.

Our diveboat also has a very long, fixed mount ladder, which allows every diver to come back into the boat easily. Our diveboat is also the sole exception, to have a long solar hood (Bimini), so nobody has to sit in the caribbean sun.


We are diving without divetime limits, so until everybody reaches the reserve or their diving computer signals the end of the dive. 60, 70, 80 even 90-minute dives are our standards (depending on the depth and your experience). And finally, our divers also don´t freeze, because we are the only diving centre with wetsuits to rent.

Also it´s allowed for buddyteams, to dive independent or to continue the dive, even if the guide have to ascent. Our divers can also decide their personal depth if it´s not a diving course. This is possible, because we are also the only diving centre with diving computers for rent and every diver will dive with a computer, which we explain before the dives.


Apropos, we just have weightintegrated BCD´s and open fins with boots, because comfort is very important for us.


Because our dives are normally a little bit longer, we are making surface intervals of at least one hour. Because of this, we are also visit one of our offshore islands or a restaurant. Where we always provide softdrinks and a little snack like Empanadas for free.


Before the dive our staff will prepare your dive gear and load it on the boat. And after the dive they will bring it back to the shop, rinse it and make sure it is waiting for you for the next dive. All you have to do is enjoy the diving. This is what we think of as our complete service.

Our guests can dive relaxed and safe. You can read more about us here:



Now please compare again everything and then hopefully we will see you soon, so that we can have some great dives together.