Working for us and internships



Our diving base is located on San Andres Isla and belongs to Colombia. Even Colombians are restricted to San Andres and need a visa.


A working visa for Colombians is difficult to get. Foreigners have no possibility to get a working visa for San Andres.


Non-Colombians only have the opportunity to open a business themselves and thus get an investor visa to create jobs.


So if you do not have a Colombian passport, please do not apply and do not submit any CVs. We can only cancel you.


Even if you are interested in an internship, this is not possible. On one side, we are just a small dive center and we have no work for you. And on the other side, it´s not allowed to work without working visa, which you can´t get.

Also, the costs on San Andres are very high and it is not possible to provide accomodation and lodging. And good training costs a lot of time and money and at the end an internship cost us more than a divemaster.